Get Your Real Estate License in 6 Weeks

Our goal is your goal: PASS THE EXAM - on the FIRST ATTEMPT.

What GFSRE does is compress the course into a 6 week FASTRACK tutorial program. Classes are held twice a week for 2 hour sessions.

Licensed instructors and industry professionals explain each element of the course, chapter by chapter and point by point, focusing on what you need to know to pass the exam.

Each instructor is well versed on the examination requirements and has written the same exam (in theory) that you will write. In fact, our course developer successfully finished the 3hr exam in an amazing 30 minutes!

GFSRE uses the most complete and original materials including:

  • an enhanced student workbook and notes package
  • weekly quizzes, a midterm exam and a mock final exam
  • 7 days a week online support

Choose below: in person classes, or live online classes and one of our convenient payment options.